Adaptive Learning

Trough of Disillusionment
UMN Assessment
Time Frame
5 to 10 Years
Last Updated on Sep 12, 2014

Adaptive learning is an instructional strategy, aided by technology and the analysis of data, that involves adjusting the learning experience based on the student’s progress. As explained by Knewton Adaptive Learning, adaptive learning overlaps with differentiated learning (pre-set categories, the student can follow different paths) and personalized learning (decision trees, materials and activities are selected based on the student’s needs). However, there is more to adaptive learning, which involves the analysis of data to continually adapt to each student’s needs as she or she progresses through a course. On its own, adaptive learning can be instructor-driven and lends itself to mastery of content. However, adaptive learning can be part of a course in which students also engage in collaborative, generative learning. For example, students who are at the same level and at the same point in a course can be put into groups and provided opportunities to learn from each other.