E-Book Readers

Plateau of Productivity
UMN Assessment
No Investment Needed
Time Frame
Less Than 2 Years
Last Updated on Oct 15, 2014

The category "E-Book Readers" defines those portable devices whose sole or primary function is to enable reading of electronic versions of books and periodicals. When devices dedicated to reading e-books (initially using Sony e-Ink technology) were first introduced, there were many brands of such competing devices. The iPad and other multi-purpose tablet devices have however almost driven dedicated, e-Ink devices out of the niche: people prefer general purpose, color tablets that can run multiple applications.

The last few available dedicated e-book reading tablets (the old Kindles, Nooks and Kobos) are heading for extinction. It is unlikely that any higher educational institution would move to utilize such dedicated devices or content linked to such dedicated devices.  Content in e-book formats, both open (EPUB) and proprietary (Kindle, iBook) is mature, and widely used, on multi-purpose tablets.