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Electronic portfolios, or E-Portfolios, are curated collections of digital content, contextual information, and metacommentary that provide tangible evidence of progress, experience, achievement, competence, and/or mastery. Although most often associated with student learning, portfolios also play a role in demonstrating professional development for instructors and staff members, and in supporting institutional accreditation efforts. An increasing number of institutions seek to make the process of portfolio-creation easier and more meaningful by streamlining the practices of assembling, arranging, and authoring portfolio content and ameliorating the challenges involved in providing instructors, advisors, colleagues,  potential employers, and/or outside evaluators with appropriate access to an individual or institution's work.

E-Portfolios at the University of Minnesota
Although departments and programs have experimented in recent years with a number of electronic portfolio systems—including ePortfolio and eFolioMinnesota—the University does not currently have a centrally supported portfolio solution.

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