Emergency Mass Notification Services

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Last Updated on Sep 12, 2014

Emergency/mass notification systems involve the use of a variety of technology-aided communication channels to provide accurate and timely messages to on- and off-campus communities in the event of a crisis or emergency. The tools used vary, but are always used in conjunction with a communication and notification plan.

Emergency/Mass Notification Services at the University of Minnesota
The University of Minnesota uses the mass notification text message system TXT-U, an opt-in service that sends campus-specific messages to subscribers. The service is powered by Rave Alert Emergency Notification System.  The University uses other communication channels as well: Tone Alert radios (not in use in Rochester), on-the-ground public safety personnel, campus-wide email, the University home page and campus websites, campus-wide outdoor public address systems (coming soon to Duluth), University of Minnesota Facebook page, University of Minnesota Twitter feed, and digital signs throughout campuses. TXT-U is available only to those with a University account, but users can designate more than one mobile device.