Last Updated on Mar 11, 2016

Credly is a standards-based microcredentialing system, enabling badge issuers to define, award, and track credentials and badge recipients to store, organize, and share badge collections with peers, potential employers, and others.

In addition to a standalone service, Credly integrates with popular social networking tools (including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter) and self-publishing tools (such as WordPress), enabling learners to build professional online personae and share evidence of their development with selected audiences. For badge issuers, Credly also offers integrations that extend the base system, including their BadgeOS plugin to WordPress and forthcoming integration with the Canvas course-management system, which enable instructors to create and assess badging activities in course sites and to push badge awards to Credly, permitting individual instructors and programs to aggregate and track badge awards over time and providing a central location in which recipients can manage their badges, organize collections, and shape their professional identities.

Credly (Toolkit for Managing Digital Credit)