Biology 1001 Lecture Capture Initiative

Created on Sep 28, 2015

As part of the Digital Biology Initiative for the College of Biological Sciences (CBS), Academic Technology Support Services recorded Professor Craig Packer’s lectures. The lectures were then edited and placed on the Biology 1001 YouTube channel. Annika Moe, CBS PhD student, taught the course in Fall 2014, and used a flipped approach with the video content. She created Storyline modules that use graphics to contextualize each module's content in relation other modules and the overall course. She embedded the YouTube videos and added questions to serve as quick checks for understanding (as illustrated in the above screenshot). Audio narration was added to the modules and direct links to the YouTube videos were provided in the event that the Storyline (html5) modules were not working for students. In addition, she created these as SCORM modules to be integrated with the Moodle gradebook. Annika indicated that: "The only really significant correlate with exam grades I've found has been the number of modules in which students attempted and completed the interactive questions. This effect is even greater in international students."