Extension Equine Program YouTube Channel

Created on Sep 29, 2015

The Extension Equine Program has developed a strong web and social media presence to make information available anytime to horse owners and professionals in Minnesota and across the U.S.  The team grew interested in expanding their outreach to include short, educational "how to" videos. Several “how to” topics were identified—including pasture sampling, when to initiate grazing, and a demonstration of the importance of weighing hay and grain. The videos address frequently asked questions that are important to the Equine Team’s outreach and that are well suited to a short demonstration video format.  Extension Technology filmed the videos on-location at the St. Paul campus, edited them in a YouTube-friendly format, and supported the launch of an Equine Program YouTube Channel.

Thanks to the Extension program for sharing this example—to see more of their work, please visit the Extension Technology e-learning showcase.