Quick Video Capture with Mobile Devices and YouTube

by Noah Holm, CFANS-OIT on Sep 29, 2014

Recorded video, like any other resource, has a value highly related to its timely delivery. If your camera is on the device in your pocket such as your smartphone and the quality of the microphone and lens can do a 'good enough' job for your purpose—then using the YouTube Capture mobile app and sharing via YouTube could get the video out to your audience very quickly after you stop recording and perhaps before you even leave the room.

Specifically in our college, this means providing students video of themselves giving a presentation so that they can reflect on their public speaking skills—either as a host or a presenter.

Be sure to turn your device on airplane mode when you record. Also, validate your YouTube account for creating videos longer then 15 minutes. Finally, you may want to adjust settings in the Capture app for quality (for example, you may shoot all video on your device in 1080p but only need to upload a 720p for a quicker upload time, depending on subject matter).