Education Tablet

Trough of Disillusionment
UMN Assessment
No Investment Needed
Time Frame
Less Than 2 Years
Last Updated on Jul 31, 2014

The Education Tablet is another take on a special-purpose, preconfigured tablet, preloaded with suitable educational content.  Either an educational book publisher or the hardware vendor puts this special (perhaps largely immutable) content on the tablet and markets it as a kind of educational resource in an electronic box. Such tablets are marketed with cameras and microphones and perhaps even unusual inputs for running lab equipment. But (see also E-Book Reader) users and educational institutions have overwhelmingly preferred multi-function devices (laptops, multi-function tablets like iPad) for their content, with standards-based attached i/o (like USB and analog headphones).

Publishers would be overjoyed to sell a frozen, DRM-ed package of their subject-specific content, as would hardware vendors (see references) to sell their tablets if frozen content were the icing that would make them sell. At this point, while there may yet be a small niche for such a device in the K-12 area, there doesn't seem to be a bright future for an "education tablet" in higher education.