Internet of Things

Technology Trigger
UMN Assessment
No Investment Needed
Time Frame
2 to 5 Years
Last Updated on Sep 25, 2014

A network of objects containing embedded technologies capable of interacting with, and communicating data about, themselves and/or their environments via radio frequency identification technologies. The aggregation of these data facilitate an array of real-time data analytic and automation processes, from augmented reality applications that can enhance students' and/or practitioners' experience of a physical environment to process and resource optimization applications that can automatically adjust the performance of systems based on environmental and other factors (or, in the case of wearable technologies, alert the wearer to changes in her or his physical state, while reporting biometric data to her or his medical practitioner for aggregation and analysis).


  • 11/05/14

    Additional Information

    Kevin Coss. "Treating Brain Disorders Through Wearable Electronics" (blog post). Inquiry: Exploring University Research...